A Public Worship & Prayer Gathering

Rally Your Community, Call on God, Witness Change

What might happen…

If the Body of Christ gathered together for public worship and prayer? A Sacred Assembly with a singular focus – to pray in humility without hype, self-promotion, or hypocrisy. All of us asking God to forgive our sins, to heal our land, to revive the church, to save the lost, and to have mercy on all.


What might happen if we came together united in our shared faith, our shared hope, and our shared trust that God will hear our cries for help.


What blessing might God command if we lay aside our ethnic, economic, denominational, and political commitments in order to see His Kingdom come in our midst?

What might happen when we call for a Sacred Assembly?

How do I get involved?

Host a Sacred Assembly in your Community

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Hear what people are saying...

I could not stop weeping as I laid on the steps of the square and prayed for our nation. I felt God's heart in a profound way that changed me forever.

The unity in the audience of prayer was amazing oneness. I cried out in joy because in front of my eyes I was witnessing Jesus prayer in John 17:21 being answered. 

My husband and I seemed to have so many small battles in our relationship. The drama stories always seemed to be dividing our family. One of the prayers of repentance concerning the culture of honor in relationships had my husband and I holding hands and weeping together that Sunday afternoon. We both have noticed greater harmony in our lives and with our children. 


Our county jail can host 400 inmates. In the last 4 years, we have had revival in our county jail ever since we hosted a Sacred Assembly. We have baptized over 500 inmates in water in jail. This is so much better than we ever dreamed of. 


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